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  • Vgt_holiday_celebrations Play-icon

    Holiday Celebrations

    An employee tries to get his two co-workers into the Christmas...


    Tags: brian, sammy, jason, holiday sensitivity, religious diversity, holiday

  • Meeting_screenshot Play-icon

    Team Meetings

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  • Gabc_3mvl_screenshot_5 Play-icon

    The Intern Problem

    Bribery laws forbid companies from giving "anything of value" to foreign...

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    Tags: anything of value, soe, state owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises, employment, internships

  • Gabc_3mvl_screenshot_1 Play-icon

    Whispering in Her Ear

    Bribery involves more than just giving cash directly to foreign officials....

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    Tags: antibribery, anti-bribery, bribery, corruption, anti-corruption, anticorruption

  • Gabc_3mvl_screenshot_3 Play-icon

    Too Good to be True

    There is nothing wrong with using third party agents - whether...

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    Tags: agents, third parties, 3rd party agents, agents, third party agents, anti-corruption

  • Gabc_3mvl_screenshot_4 Play-icon

    Smile and Nod—and Bend the Rules

    Bribery laws do more than just prohibit companies from giving foreign...

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    Tags: gabc, bribery, antibribery, anti-bribery, corruption, anti-corruption